A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

To you, O Lord, I turn with a grateful heart,

as the Giver of every good Gift, as my Creator.


I give thanks for the beauty of creation, the bounty of the earth,

For every living creature, for the dome of the skies, and the vastness of oceans.


I give thanks for every peak and valley, for every mountain and plane

Places of wonderment in which your presence dwells.


I give thanks for my family where your creativity continues to flow,

For my parents, their love, their sacrifice, their gifts of grace.


I give thanks for you allowing me to be a reflection of your image,

a likeness of your divine nature at work in me.


I give thanks for all those you have placed in my path as I journey through life,

Both in my joys and struggles with them, grappling with the mystery of who we are.


I give thanks for those I hold dear in my heart,

The ones who offer me a sturdy shelter and the protections of love.


I give thanks for every man, woman, and child,

Reflections of You…. The bounty of your gift!


I give thanks for Your presence in the hungry

Who allow me to spiritually and materially feed them in their need.


I give thanks for Your presence in the thirsty

As I reach out to quench the parch lips of the ones who thirst for justice.


I give thanks for the stranger in my midst who opens me to you, the God of surprises,

As they come to my land to search for the dream that I long for.


I give thanks for the migrant and the refugee who seek to flee poverty

In the land of the free and the home of the brave.


I give thanks for the prisoner so that I may have an opportunity

To proclaim the liberation of the Gospel, so their soul may be set free.


I give thanks for those who are sick and ailing

As I become Your hands, Your feet, and Your healing voice.


I give thanks for the lonely old and the lonely young

As I become your Presence and help fill the void of their lives.


I give thanks for the ones I love,

Both here and on the other side of life.


I give thanks for my trials that help me to grow

And understand the mystery of who I am more fully


I give thanks for my sufferings which allow me

To grow closer to you.


I give thanks to You, who have made me

For I am wonderfully and beautifully made.


I give thanks to you as I become older each year

But closer to a new world beyond dreams.


I will give thanks as I sit down for my Thanksgiving Meal,

Breaking bread, sharing stories, and loving life.


I give thanks to you, my God,

For allowing all of these things to bless my life.  Amen.

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