Faith and Wine in October: From the White House to the Cross

Peggy Stanton, the host of Power From the Pew on Ave Maria Radio, the first ABC-TV woman news correspondent in Washington, D.C., the author and illustrator of articles and columns published in major national news print, a painter featured in exhibits in Washington, D.C., and the Marian Museum, the author of a book entitled the “Daniel Dilemma,” will take us on a journey that will absolutely recharge our SPIRITUAL BATTERIES. Peggy will discuss her spiritual journey as well as how the unchanging, unchangeable doctrines, despite errant leaders over the centuries, will remain the same. The proof that Jesus is always with us as He promised till the end of time and how His Holy Spirit is at the helm will be affirmed in her powerful presentation “From the White House to the Cross.” Don’t miss this dynamic event.

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