Adult Faith Formation

Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church Adult Faith Enrichment program is in pursuit of knowledge illuminated by faith in accord with the Magisterium.

We hold faithfully to the teaching authority of the Magisterium while boldly pursuing all truth accessible to the curious mind.

Since all truth is from God and leads back to God, every honest pursuit of truth will begin with what God has revealed—whether written on the human heart, accessible to reason without direct revelation, or accessible only through direct revelation—and be consonant with what his Church teaches.

We embrace the teachings of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium with a spirit of Christian humanism that relates all learning to Jesus Christ.

We promote the moral, spiritual and religious values of our Catholic community by integrating learning and faith. Join us in the conversion journey where we take ownership of our faith and grow ever more deeply in our relationship with God and with others in our community.

“To be pastorally effective, intellectual formation is to be integrated with a spirituality marked by a personal experience of God. In this way a purely abstract approach to knowledge is overcome in favor of that intelligence of heart which knows how ‘to look beyond’ and then is in a position to communicate the mystery of God to people.”

-Pope John Paul II, Pastores dabo vobis

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