Catholic Youth Organization

Over the past several years, it has become clear that Catholic families and youth in Naples are slowly being engaged in fellowship at various locations, including First Baptist Church, United Methodist, Summit, and other Christian and non-religious groups.  Whether it is due to a sports program, a relationship, or a school activity, these families are being fed in their needs for programs specific to their age groups and their interests.  They are then turning to those same groups for spiritual fulfillment once they have been fully integrated.  None of them are seeing the same support from their Catholic churches, even those with schools.  Additionally, there are many children in the area that are simply unable to join a sports team or have an afterschool activity due to the high cost of those programs in Naples.  These are core foci of the Catholic Church, and CYO in particular, in other areas of the country.  When CYO’s are active in those communities, the families and youth stay with the church and draw more people to the faith.

CYO: Sports, Social, and Spiritual Support for the Entire Community

CYO is an umbrella program that will house sports, social, arts, after-school activities, and service programs for the youth of Naples.  The main focus of CYO is to provide low-cost, persistent, and consistent events and activities that will enliven and engage all the youth and draw them closer to Jesus and the Catholic Faith through their relationships and fellowship with each other.  That will also allow for the families to come together at the same time and for the common purpose of providing a safe and exciting place for their children.

  • Sports and Wellness
  • Social and Spiritual
  • Arts and Music

Registration for CYO Programs