Catholic Adult Organization

Saint John the Evangelist is transforming the concept of Catholic fellowship here in Southwest Florida in ways that are both new and renewed.  We are renewing the focus on our children through Catholic Youth Organization, which has been dormant in Florida for over 35 years.  You will have to wait for next week for a further explanation on our CYO plans.  The brand new effort we are engaging in that we want to describe today is Catholic Adult Organization (CAO).

CAO is the persistent and constant set of programs here at Saint John to enrich and engage every age of adult, from 18 to 108, and everyone in between, body, mind, soul, and spirit.  We will have social activities, like our current Movie Night for Adults and Happy Hours, so everyone can get together in fellowship.  We will include artistic and musical programs like our dance classes, painting, and concert series, allowing everyone a chance to appreciate and/or learn their favorite musical instrument or artistic endeavor.  And, of course, as part of our overall wellness efforts, adults can enjoy classes and physical fitness programs, including boot camps, pick-up basketball, and mobility and stretching classes, all taught by certified personal trainers, and catered to various ages and abilities.

  • Sports and Wellness
  • Social and Spiritual
  • Arts and Music

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On Wednesday, May 2, the Ministries of Saint John met to discuss CAO and its impact on the community.  The materials below were created during that meeting so we can have a clear vision and direction for CAO: