Job Opportunities at Saint John


While there are a tremendous amount of opportunities to serve our Parish Family through volunteering with the many ministries of our community, there is a unique calling needed to become part of the Parish Staff at Saint John.  We live the “We Are Saint John” all day, every day, serving and putting the needs of our parish above our own.  Empathy, engagement, and joy is what our Holy Father has said is necessary for church employees:

Pope Francis urged all parish workers to be warm and welcoming, to listen to people before asking them to fill out registration forms or pay stipends for different services. The church, he said, must have “a heart without limits, but not just a heart: also a certain gaze, the sweetness of Jesus’ gaze, which often is more eloquent than many words.” – Pope Francis 6/16/2014

As such, we have some opportunities for those willing and able to take on this responsibility of the Moment of Encounter with the Catholic Church:

Part-Time Facilities Support

Additional Diocese of Venice Career Opportunities

To apply for opportunities at St. John the Evangelist Church, please send your cover letter and resume to our Operations Manager, Colleen Donnelly, at

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